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Winner of the 2004 Best Vacation Children's Product from Dr. Toy The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval - 2003 Winner of the Fall 2003 Bronze OMNI Award 2003 Communicator's Award of Excellence in Audio Production for Education
The story of how it all began

One summer day while I was driving to the beach with my three children and a couple of their friends, the kids started to get restless. As always, they started in with the chant, "Ask us questions, Mom, and please ask us some questions!" After all, it was their favorite activity to pass the time while riding in the car.

We started to play the game and they loved answering the questions. Some answers were right, some were wrong, and they'd compete to see who could get the answers out the fastest. After about 20 minutes I'd had enough, so I suggested they do one of the mundane things I did as a child, like looking out the window to count all the red cars that drove by. But they didn't fall for that - they wanted more of a challenge! So the whining began, "C'mon mom, just one more question, please. Please just ask one more question!"

That's when it hit me! I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could just pop in a CD that would ask questions and give the answers... wouldn't that be a parent's dream? The kids would be learning while having fun, and I wouldn't have to be actively involved - I could actually focus on my driving and listen to them have fun! I searched the market for such a product, but I couldn't find one that was done in such a way that it would challenge my kids. And so, I decided to develop my own and the Mr. Quizmee Asks About series was born!
early character concept drawings

The Mr. Quizmee Asks About series comes to life thanks to the talents of the many wonderful and dedicated individuals:
Rob Shepherd - for his support, enthusiasm and help in getting the project off the ground

Mel Hall - for his encouragement, support and direction

James Alburger - for his amazing studio production, direction and technical achievements

Penny Abshire - for her creative, editorial and organizational skills

David Helpling - for his exceptional musical talents which has made the project sparkle

Barrett Novack - for capturing the visual essence of the characters and settings

Marc Biagi - for bringing Mr. Quizmee to life to the web and introducing him to world

The phenomenal cast members and singers -
for giving life to all the Mr. Quizmee characters.

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