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Winner of the 2004 Best Vacation Children's Product from Dr. Toy The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval - 2003 Winner of the Fall 2003 Bronze OMNI Award 2003 Communicator's Award of Excellence in Audio Production for Education
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Mr. Quizmee and Pips We all want our children's minds to be stimulated and educated - right? There's so much for them to learn! But we know that children don't enjoy learning if the material is boring or unimaginative.

The Mr. Quizmee Asks About… series meets all our goals for educating our kids. The interactive programs are designed to both educate and entertain - allowing kids to "see with their ears", which sharpens their listening and imagination skills. Kids will also improve response time as they listen to the questions and quickly shout out their answers.

With the help of lively (and sometimes wacky) character voices, kids learn about the world around them while being introduced to a whole new set of friends! Attention-grabbing sound effects and original music also enhance these delightful programs.

TEACHERS: Each section of the program includes questions about geography, history, math and science. Mr. Quizmee Asks About… is the perfect rainy day classroom activity as well as a wonderful supplement to the variety of subjects covered in your everyday curriculum.

PARENTS: When kids can't read in the car and a DVD isn't an option…here's an excellent alternative to hearing them say, "Are we there yet?"

Mr. Quizmee Ask About… can be paused at any time to allow for a more in-depth discussion of the question and answers. An additional feature has also been added which allows the CD to be put in "shuffle" mode - making it a whole new program at each listening! Or, you can easily choose a specific track.

Kids love to learn and Mr. Quizmee makes learning fun!

Oh, and you adults? You'll like it too!

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CD Cover illustrations and characters of Mr. Quizmee, Miss Bright, Pips the Penguin,
Roger the Rhino, Henrietta the Howler Monkey, and Geck the Gecko
created by Barrett Novack Illustration & Graphic Design
for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals".

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