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Winner of the 2004 Best Vacation Children's Product from Dr. Toy The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval - 2003 Winner of the Fall 2003 Bronze OMNI Award 2003 Communicator's Award of Excellence in Audio Production for Education
What is Mr. Quizmee?
? Award Winning fun and educational audio CD for children.
? 67 minute original music, sound effects and dozens and dozens of questions just waiting to be answered.
? Great in the car! You won't hear, "Are we there yet?"
? Interactive...Will you be the first to answer? Practice your reaction skills.
? Characters the whole family will love including: Professor Mappit, Leonard L Bug, Grandma Grammar, Geck the Gecko, and more!
? All questions are animal related and based on math, science, language, geography and history. Everyone will learn.
? Auditory learning - Stimulates the imagination and listening skills.
Pips Pointing

"...Mr. Quizmee is the ticket...This fast-paced production highlights a smooth-talking host, entertaining, fact-spouting supporting characters, and the opportunity to shout out the answers to numerous questions" Publisher's Weekly

"Inquiring minds want to know... An apt phrase for this Mr. Quizmee audio CD that is chock full of information. Designed as a children's show for the ears, your children will discover loads of facts about all kinds of animals in very entertaining fashion." National Parenting Center

"Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals is an informative and rewarding experience which is ideal for long travel trips or just plain fun at home." Midwest Book Review

"Mr. Quizmee turns carpool time into an opportunity for learning." San Diego Parent Magazine

"Mr. Quizmee will entertain children while teaching them about the animal kingdom. A must have for classrooms and the family listening arena." School Library Journal

"Trips can be an opportunity for learning and this CD is one to enjoy in the car or anywhere life takes you...This is a wonderful way for the whole family to sing, play and learn together." Dr. Toy

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CD Cover illustrations and characters of Mr. Quizmee, Miss Bright, Pips the Penguin,
Roger the Rhino, Henrietta the Howler Monkey, and Geck the Gecko
created by Barrett Novack Illustration & Graphic Design
for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals".

CD Cover illustrations and art for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About...Our Watery World"
and Activity Book pages designed by Mike Eustis Illustration

Audio Production, Design and Engineering for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About Animals" by
James Alburger and Penny Abshire of The Commercial Clinic

Audio Production, Design & Engineering for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About...Our Watery World" by
DHM Music

Music & Scoring for "Mr. Quizmee Asks About..." CDs composed and performed by
David Helping - DHM Music

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